The puzzle "HuaRongDao" has been the most popular puzzle in China for hundreds years. It came from part of the well-know story "The legend of three kingdoms".

At the end of Han Dynasty (about 200 AC.), China was divided into three kingdoms, Wei, Shu and Wu. "Caocao", the leader of Wei, wanted to unit China, however, was totally defeated at "ChiBi" by the allies of Shu and Wu. Only he and other 30 people escaped from HuaRongDao and came back to Wei.

After about 30 years, China was still united by Wei (named Jin at that time) into one country.


The aim of the game is to move the ten pieces in the board in order to move the largest (yellow) one, CanCao, to the center of the bottom side of the board.

You may not make one piece jump over another, nor can any two pieces overlap.

You should try to solve the game with as few steps as possible. Continuously moving one piece is counted as a single step.


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You need a curses library to run the program. And you need the curses developers' library and a recent C++ compiler to compile the program.


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